About 29th Street Publishing

David Jacobs, CEO

David, a founder of 29th Street Publishing, previously founded Apperceptive, which was acquired by Six Apart in 2008. At Six Apart, he was vice president of services & platform products.

Alaina Browne, General Manager

Alaina was the founding general manager of Serious Eats, the largest independent food community and publication on the web and winner of two James Beard Awards. At Serious Eats, she was responsible for business operations and led product development for 6.5 years.

Nozlee Samadzadeh, Developer

Nozlee is a writer, a developer, and an editor at The Morning News. She has worked as an editor and cook at Food52 and as an information architect at the design firm Flat.

Greg Knauss, Developer

Greg is a system administrator, the author of Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard, and the creator of the iOS app Romantimatic.

Duncan Regan, Developer

Duncan, recently returned to America from Tokyo, is a front-end developer and co-creator of the online arts and literary magazine TYO Mag. His background is in literature—he holds an M.A. from Temple University in poetry—and his favorite book is Moby Dick.

Nora Bearman, Project Manager

Nora joins 29th Street Publishing from Byliner, where she was a product manager for iOS. She has a background in literature and is the co-founder of Raw Bushwick.

Alex Hunley, Developer

Alex is a programmer and a former bookseller. He loves dogs and thinks football is the best sport. His favorite book is Bleak House.

Olivia Aylmer, Editorial and Production Intern

Olivia studies literature and dance at Barnard College, in addition to serving as a contributing editor for Narratively. She also enjoys writing, radio programming, zine-making, collecting old photographs, modern dancing, styling, and dog-spotting.